Free to be Euripides

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23."Xena," season three: Dahok and the Whale

2."Rob's Vision"

24."Xena," season three: Hope's a man, baby!

3."The Bacchae"

25."Xena," season three: Fins, Femmes & Rome

4."The Cyclops"

26."Xena," season three: "Sacrifice"

5."Black Orpheus"

27."Xena," season four: "Adventures in the Sin Trade"

6.Hercules: The Journey Begins, part 1

28."Xena," season four: Orpheus and Horses

7.Hercules: The Journey Begins, part 2

29."Xena," season four: Morrigan & Muses

8.Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

30."Xena," season four: Crusaders & Indians

9.The Xena Quadrilogy, Part 1: The Name Game

31."Hercules," season five: Light and Dahok

10.The Xena Quadrilogy, Part 2: By Any Other Name

32."Xena," season four: Conclusion

11."Xena, Warrior Princess"

33."Xena," season five: Angels & Chakrams

12."Xena", season 1, continued

34."Xena," season five: Babes and Lyres

13."Xena", season 1: "Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards"

35."Xena," season five: God Fears Child

14."Xena", season 1: conclusion

36."Xena," season five: Athena and "Amazon High"

15."Xena", season two: "Gothic Xena"

37."Xena," season five: Spin-offs & "Kindred Spirits"

16."Xena" & "Hercules": The Halloween episodes

38."Xena," season five: Conclusion

17."Xena," season 2: "The Xena Scrolls"

39."Xena," season six: The "Homecoming" arc

18."Xena," season 2: "Destiny"

40."Xena," season six: The "Coming Home" arc

19."Xena," season 2: "A Day in the Life" & "Ulysses"

41."Xena," season six: Ring Cycle to the "Path of Vengeance"

20."The Bacchae" on "Hercules," season three.

42."Xena," season six: "To Hell And Back"

21."Xena," season three: "The Furies"

43."Xena," season six: Centaurs, Cyclops, Clones & Scrolls

22."Hercules," season four: The Kids Are Alright

44."Xena," season six: "A Friend in Need"

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